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Michael Moore in TrumpLand (2016)
Michael Moore in TrumpLand poster Rating: 7.5/10 (15 votes)
Director: Michael Moore
Writer: Michael Moore
Stars: Michael Moore, Donald Trump
Runtime: 73 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Documentary
Released: 21 Oct 2016
Plot: Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore dives right into hostile territory with his daring and hilarious one-man show, deep in the heart of TrumpLand in the weeks before the 2016 election.

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  • Tom Haig

    Just release it on YouTube so we can actually see it

    • David’s Ida

      already gone

  • gcappa

    Just finished watching it. Still voting Trump.

    • David’s Ida

      This condescending BS should make everyone more inclined to do so!

      See his speech today at the opening of TRUMP International? 🙂

    • sentient_cheese

      You are going to lose, and history will not judge you well.

  • Luke Atmidik

    Hillary is a lying, thieving, murdering, bitch, and if she is allowed to become president by stealing the election, the country should revolt. If there is no revolt SHE will be the last president of the United States. This country will see devastation like it’s never seen before. Terrorist will be allowed in from improper vetting or no vetting, or guns will be taken away, and we will quickly become a socialist state. Then that will open the doors for a Muslim takeover of swing states as immigrants will move into these states and effectively change our laws until we are a Muslim state under sharia law.

    Trump will destroy the establishment powers that be and kill the “ole boy” system.
    He WILL make America Great Again.

    Don’t listen to that pathetic wimp and asshole Michael Moore. He’s not to be trusted. He is entrenched in the Hillary hive of scum and villainy.

    • MisterWIzard

      Luke, your delusional beliefs are truly scary. I”m no Hillary fan, please understand, but the incredible bullshit you believe about her is mind boggling. I honestly don’t even know where to start in trying to explain to you that none of this insanity you fear will ever happen.
      Trump won’t destroy anything, except what’s left of the republican party, and whatever dignity this country has in its world standing.
      Everyone is embracing the concept of “change”, but change just for the sake of change is rarely a good thing, and often is truly the worst thing. World War 3 would be change, wouldn’t it? Somehow I don’t think that would exactly be a very good change.

      And despite your rather unfounded beliefs, even if your sociopath friend Trump were to somehow miraculously end up in the White House, he would be facing a majority democratic congress, as he’s already destroyed much of the hopes of the down ticket republican candidates. So, he would face the same, or worse, obstruction that Obama has faced from the stonewalling republican controlled congress over the past 8 years. The worst he could do would be to try to appoint radically right wing justices to the supreme court, which would also most likely be blocked by a democratic controlled congress.
      He won’t build any fucking wall, he won’t establish some sort of ridiculous monitoring and tagging system for muslins, and his ineptness in any matters related to actually governing a country will make our relationships with the rest of the world embarsssing at best, treacherous at worst.
      He’s a scammer, a huckster, the guy selling snake oil out of the back of his covered wagon in the old west. He’s a sociopath, racist, thin skinned, vulgar and insecure man with the temper and impluse control of a 2-year old who is already 6 hours past nap time.
      Sorry, but that kind of person isn’t going to make any country great again.

      • Luke Atmidik

        I love it… you are simply one of the sheeple being lead by the nose to slaughter. You had better wake up and take your head out of your asshole before it’s too late.

        I’m not going to spend time here and debate every point you’ve tried to make because I could, but it would be a waste of time. I’ll just make one…

        You said and I quote…

        “Everyone is embracing the concept of “change”, but change just for the sake of change is rarely a good thing, and often is truly the worst thing. World War 3 would be change, wouldn’t it? Somehow I don’t think that would exactly be a very good change.”

        Vladimir Putin has recently come out and said… a vote for Donald Trump is a vote for peace, and a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for war.

        And the last thing I will say about this ruthless war monger, election stealing, pompous bitch, is that Part 4 of Project Veritas was just released today and it is damning. She is bold and brazen and will stop at nothing to get what she wants and feels she is entitled to and that’s the white house.
        I’m hoping this is the final nail in her coffin that puts her away for good.
        The next sound I’d like to hear is handcuffs being slapped on her wrists.

        Project Veritas Part IV… ($20K Wire Transfer From Belize Returned)

        • untitled

          yeah, welcome to every human being across the face of the planet… we’re all a backstabbing manipulative lying deceitful bunch.

          FFS look at the comment section here.

        • Bri Kau

          O’Queef has ZERO credibility due to his heavy editing and refusal to release unedited versions of his propaganda.

          You are the one being bought and sold for less than you’re worth.

          • Luke Atmidik

            And you have no credibility with women because of your micro penis.

            Get your head out of your ass you bleeding heart liberal asshole and open your eyes.

            The whole system is corrupt and the Democratic party is the worst of all with Hil-liar-y at the head of the party.

            Blind eyed liberals that walk around like complete zombies, drinking the parties Kool-Aide shoukd be rounded up like the filthy animals they are and bulldozed into a giant pit where we can pour massive amounts of gasoline on them and light them on fire. Them cover them with dirt in one big mass grave.

          • Bri Kau

            You mad? O’keefe will edit a happy video for you.

      • Andrew Pagano

        We heard that before . When you idiots were warning us against Obama, the Muslim,radical Christian,terrorist-sympathizing, weak,feckless tyrannical dictator who was going to put us all in FEMA death camps,raise our taxes and kill our grandparents

      • Words6

        Luke’s voice is that of a frustrated misogynist (and Putin lover) who can’t cope with a woman in the WH which means he’s going to be having a hard time of it.

    • Fabio Molina

      Will you have the balls to revolt or you’re just s pathetic idiot? Nah! Just a pathetic idiot with no balls.

    • untitled

      You act like whomever is president all of a sudden has absolute power and authority, who ever is elected will be governed by the checks and balances of the legislative and judicial branches against the executive.. just has it has since 1776 (excluding march 1883 and dec 1907)

    • Thomas Bell

      Wow. I couldn’t offer a more twisted and surreal depiction of a deluded Trump loonatic If i tried all week. Let me guess, buddy…do you watch a lot of zombie movies?

    • Bri Kau

      Is that before or after he polishes Putins knob?

    • Gail French

      He is not really entrenched. He is a socialist, but Hillary is a socialist with an oilgarchy ruling. That is fascism.

    • sentient_cheese

      Thanks, Alex Jones. Tell me about the Moon landing hoax.

    • ikesambobby

      Take your meds and troll somewhere else.


      As most people with only an ounce of a brain know, Trump
      is a dangerous moron, a pure fanatic/idiot. Trump is more than dangerous for
      America than Hitler was for Germany. Trump is just plain C- 4 dangerous for
      the world. He is totally out of his league when it comes to world politics.
      Trump will get us all killed people. Am I scared, you’re damn right I’m
      scared. As a veteran of Vietnam and Iraq, I have served during two wars, I have
      seen what war can do. Every other country on this planet seems to know that
      but the extreme right in the republican party klan. Think it can’t happen to
      America because you have lived cozy and secure in your town or community all
      your life. That is exactly what the German people thought. Be sacred of this
      fanatic people, be real scared. He will get us all killed because of
      his mouth and his stupidity. Your support of Trump is risking the future of
      your children and your grandchildren. It appears that Trump’s supporters
      would rather risk seeing the country destroyed rather than to acknowledge that
      this guy is not fit to serve as Commander in Chief. This guy is a nut. He
      will start a war. He has no sense of consequences. He will get us all killed.

      • Luke Atmidik

        LOL… not only are you a Moron, you’re a liar. You served in Vietnam and Iraq? Even if you’re talking about the first Iraq war, I highly doubt that unless you are a high ranked officer (which I also doubt).

        Everything you said applies to Hillary Clinton not Donald Trump.

        The very first thing Hitler did was take the guns away from the public.
        That is a hillary strategy, not Trumps.

        I could go on and on with everything you mentioned but it would be futile to waste my time. This is one of the main reasons I know you did not serve in Vietnam or Iraq. You have no idea of our history as a country and you have no idea about what happened in WWII or you would not have said any of the things you said.

        Again, this is all a waste of time for another reason. And a great one…

        When you wake and read this you will learn that the American people have spoken and you will know that we now have President Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States.

        Hillary had to eat crow and call Trump to concede. That must have killed her to make that call. That lying, thieving, murdering, witch deserves what she got.

  • Mikael Rosanes

    Unique chance to HELP to launch this satire song “Stop The Trumpet”
    Music Tip & music submission.

    American Review:
    This song is brilliant! I would say there’s definitely a mexican meets full on punk rock vibe here. It’s edgy but also warm emotionally and extremely catchy. There’s a sense of humor and satire to the song. It’s part protest, part satirizing the idea of world peace – and at the same time, the mood is celebratory. It’s a party song!

    • untitled

      That’s some fag shit if i’ve ever seen fag shit before.

      • Bri Kau

        You watch gays defecate?

    • IMHO

      All I can say, I am not american, I am an outsider looking in, Hillary and her cronies have been screwing your guys over for a long time. I was there in the states 20 years ago and the states has become a shell of what it was, you are all being led by a bunch of criminals, and being told shit about terrorists the whole time, its the US goverments way of controlling yOu all and being able to monitor your emails and crap..

      • Gail French

        You are exactly right, Mikael.

    • IMHO

      And I dont know why this bobots movie was called “trumpville” it should have been called “Clintonville”, I was just waiting for hillary to say michael your moustache is tickling my ass, and then you hear him say its not my moustache hillary its my shoe laces… He is so far up her butt its not funny..

  • jheckerman

    A man who misuses his power to insult, belittle, bully and hate should not be President of the United States. His personal battle for power and fame does not serve our nation.. A vote for Trump shows your likeness of morals to his. Planned false propaganda about Hillary is dirty politics. It is not true. Please question your beliefs. Do not take our freedom as a nation for granted.

  • Phoenix Home Bog

    he has to make some money first opportunistic

  • Gluluman

    Anyone who does not see through
    this claptrap as a ruse belongs to the clan of
    the obtuse. Michael Moore’s intellect isn’t far form
    his distorted repugnant body.

  • roscommonman

    18:58 “no woman has invented a hydrogen bomb” well maybe it’s because no woman has ever invented any fucking thing.
    Moore is such an obnoxious hypocrite, he’s worth over $50million and he pretends he’s just an ordinary working guy.

    • Marilyn Edwards

      A woman invented Kevlar (bullet proof vests), the rotary engine, electric hot water heater, the life raft, residential solar heating, the electric refrigerator, the syringe, wireless transmissions technology, telecommunications technology, and more. Educate yourself.

      • roscommonman

        Those things are not true inventions they are just modifications that would have been done anyway. Susan Sontag once said that if women ruled the world we would still be living in caves.

  • joefriday14

    Great movie. Fear and greed need to be replaced by rationalism and common sense.

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